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World wide mung beans are strong. China origin commodity mung bean prices have slightly gone up; middle sprouted mung bean prices are basically stable. Myanmar mung bean prices are high.

Currently, the quantity of uncleaned mung beans left in origins is around 1%; yield is relatively small, traders choose high-quality mung beans to make sprouted mung beans. Some downstream traders are purchasing China origin commodity mung beans, but most choose ones at low prices. Traders process-based mung on needs and bargain based on mung bean quality.

These days, both Ruili and Wanding are still in lockdown due to strict COVID-19 pandemic regulation and control, so Myanmar mung bean is still hard to be transported to other regions.

Myanmar mung bean supply in China domestic market falls short, which has become a normal phenomenon now. Brazilian mung bean and Australian ones and China origin mung bean have replaced them and become the main suppliers in the current market. Besides, due to recent heavy rain in many places, commodity mung bean trade.

GAIG (Global Agriculture Info Group)

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