There is gentle volatility observable in the eastern flax seed markets. They are quiet even though there in Kazakhstan and Russia the raw material supply is scarce, and purchasing good quality seeds seems to be a challenge, not forget about specific trade conditions there – in advance pay… and pray…for that you’ll receive the quality and quantity you ordered not to mention the let say a sudden train and/or truck traffic blockade in Russia because of political and military tensions in the western “Limitrof ” of the vast country.  Among others, this could be the reason why some of the important flax seed processors in Europe look direction Canada again with new hope and kind of craving. 

Prices for 97 % purity raw material oscillate around 610 EUR/t (FCA) in Kazakhstan and 594 EUR/t (FCA) in Russia accordingly. In Poland, where the lion’s share of the raw material is getting to for processing, one is expected to pay 810 – 820 EUR/t (FCA) for the 99,9 % purity. There are no problems in supply the cleaned seeds. The Polish silos and warehouses are filled with enough tonnage of raw material to fulfill the current demand. 

One is looking for a new crop .. and here the story begins again with foggy rumors about bad weather, too late sowing ( what is true ), inappropriate soil conditions, and dozen other factors which should negatively affect the plant`s growth. However, at this moment of vegetation one can not predict anything. Please wait a couple of weeks in quiet and patience. Stay tuned. 

Just in case one has a table to  place

Prices  in EUR/t FCA
flax seed origin raw material  97 % purity cleaned 99,9 % purity
Russia 594 EUR/t
Kazakhstan 610 EUR/t
Canada 665 EUR/t
Poland 810 EUR /t