In Kazakhstan, stocks of oilseeds as of 1st April 2021 amount to 1,026,218.9 tons. Of these, 877,811.3 tons are food, 64,859.5 tons are seeds and 83,548.1 tons are feed. This was reported by the Bureau of National Statistics.

At the beginning of the month there were 380.9 thousand tons of sunflower seeds in warehouses (363.3 thousand tons for food, 8.2 thousand tons – seeds, 9.3 thousand tons – feed).

Stocks of safflower seeds amount to 30.1 thousand tons, rapeseed – 108.6 thousand tons, soybeans – 82 thousand tons, linseed – 405.1 thousand tons.

In addition, Kazakhstan stores 5.7 thousand tons of mustard seeds, 614 tons of camelina seeds and 13 thousand tons of cotton seeds.