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Oilseeds Sunflower seeds – price slump also for sunflower seeds

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Oil Seeds, Rape Seeds, Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflower seeds in the wake of the downward slide in the price of rapeseed. It was clear to many market participants that the sunflower seeds can not be an exception when oil prices fall worldwide. Crude oil and palm oil continue their downward movement today.

Last week, some hoped that the market could calm down again and the high level for sunflower seeds of FCA Bulgaria EUR 590/ton could be maintained. But this morning, prices for hulled goods with a purity of 99.98% of 1.13/kg FCA Bulgaria are already called, and the selling pressure continues to increase. Fears that there could be other lockdowns, which burden the export further increase the pressure.

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