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Organic Adzuki beans: Adzuki beans are slow in exporting

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Beans, Pulses

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DALIAN: The organic adzuki bean production area has a small number of surplus goods, and due to public health emergencies, it is difficult for some grain vendors to go to the countryside to collect grain, and the grain is delayed in loading. Grain merchants are firm in asking prices for inventories, and most of them say that high prices are still difficult to make transactions, while a few exporters say they have placed orders at high prices one after another. The cost of organic adzuki beans in the domestic market is too high, and most traders report that the market is not fast.

If the inventories of grain merchants in the producing areas continue to be sold at low prices, it is expected that the rigid demand may drive the slow transaction of high-priced adzuki beans. As for whether the price can rise again, we still need to pay attention to the acquisition dynamics of grain merchants in the producing areas. Although the bidding volume is not large, the prices can decrease.

Current Market Price in China for organic adzuki bean

Product  Name Organic adzuki bean
Type small
Moisture 16% max
Package 25kg PP bag
Purity 99.5%
Loading 22mt /20GP
Fob Dalian Usd 2370-2420/mt
Delivery 20  days after the contract

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