DALIAN – According to the survey of market participants, in 2020, the planting area of buckwheat decreased by 38%. The total output decreased by 44%, indicating the contradiction between supply and demand in the market eased. By the end of June, the market is basically over.

In Chifeng of Inner Mongolia, Yulin of Shaanxi Province, Shuozhou of Shanxi Province, and Guyuan of Ningxia Province, the difficulty of loading grain has increased, which has restrained the decline of buckwheat prices.

As of June 28, in Shanxi Shuozhou the buckwheat seeds purchase prices quoted USD 0.75-0.79 /kg, EXW; Shaanxi Yulin sweet buckwheat seeds market offers were at USD 0.84 /kg, the prices are stable compared with the same period last month. The price of finished organic buckwheat kernels remained relatively stable this week at an export standard of USD 1,340 per ton as export orders slowed in the summer. That’s USD 10 per ton less than last week.

Current market price in China for organic buckwheat kernels

Product Name buckwheat kernels
Type Organic
Moisture 15.5 % max
Package 25kg paper bag
Purity 99.95%
Loading 20mt /20GP
FOB Dalian USD 1340/mt

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