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DALIAN: It is expected that the price of aged grains in August may still fall. The contradiction between market supply and demand Save, the time for the new millet to go on the market is approaching, and various market entities may gradually clear out.

For the sale of inventory, there is a greater risk of a fall in the prices of aged grains in the first ten days of August. Mid-to-late of August, Shandong and Henan new crop hulled millets are listed for circulation. By then, they will still have an impact on the Chenliang market.

Into an impact. From September to October, the new millet in Northeast, Shanxi, and Hebei will be harvested one after another listed; with the concentrated release of supply, the price of new grains may fall and adjust. The average shipping price of golden seedling millet in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, is around Usd 1.29-Usd1.33/kg.

Current Market Price in China for organic hulled Millet 

Product Name Organic hulled Millet
Size 3.0-5.0mm
Purity 99.95%
Moisture 10% max
Package 25kg paper bag
FOB Dalian Usd1310/mt
Delivery 25 days after signed the contract

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