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Yunnan: China Organic large white kidney beans are loved by food factories and canneries at home and abroad. When it is listed, foreign buyers will pay attention to it. Manufacturers in the place of origin predict that the market will be delayed due to rain and weather by about ten days. It is expected to go on sale in late November. According to previous years’ experience, the price of organic large white kidney beans will be higher than in last years, reaching more than 2100 US dollars.

Affected by the epidemic, grain and food prices have risen overall. The main producing area of organic large white kidney beans is Yunnan, and the exporters are mainly concentrated in Yunnan, Dalian, and Tianjin. It will receive the attention of kidney bean exporters when it goes on the market. Exporters currently stop quoting, and the reference FOB Dalian/Tianjin price is 1920 US dollars/ton. They are waiting for new products to be launched.

Price in China for Organic large white kidney bean

Product Name Organic large white kidney bean
Size 40pcs/100g
Fob Dalian Usd 1870/mt
Package 25kg PP bag
Purity 99.5%
Loading 22mt /20GP
Moisture 16% max
Delivery 20 days after the contract

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