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BEIJING: Since soybeans in Heilongjiang, China’s primary soybean producing area, were harvested in the autumn, the price of soybeans has risen from the opening price of US$0.86/kg to above US$0.94/kg, forming a rare situation of high-season soybean prices. Soybean prices in the district have been at the highest level in the same period in history.

The current soybean price is at a high level, so there is still room for development and China National Grain Stores will continue to auction soybeans. In the recent soybean market, the price of gross grain in Northeast China is between 0.91 and 0.94, depending on protein and region. Overall, the soybean market is at a high level, and the trend is still strong in the short term. Rain and snow will help the market in the next few days.

Current Market Price in China for 2020 CROP soybean

Product  Organic Soybean
Colour  Yellow
Purity  99.5 % Min
Package  25kg  Paper Bag
Loading  22Tons / 20GP
FOB Dalian USD 1210/Mt

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