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The local demand for the peanut has increased with the upcoming festival season, the freight price, and inflating edible oil price. As a result, the price increase was recorded for all the varieties of peanut.

Bold 40-50 opened the week at $1,24 per kg FOB, which experienced a drop in the price earlier this month from $1,32 per kg FOB. But the price was rising significantly and recorded an increase in the last two trading days before closing at $1,27 per kg FOB.

For all the other Bold varieties, i.e., 50-60, 60-70, the market closed at the highest of this month’s price, at $1,30 per kg FOB and $1,26 per kg FOB, respectively. The highest for Bold 50-60 this month was %1,28 per kg FOB, and 60-70 was $1,24 per kg FOB on August 18.

Similarly, all varieties of Java prices were up, 50-60 was $1,38 per kg FOB from $1,36 per kg FOB, 60-70 closed at $1,35 per kg FOB after it closed at $1,33 per kg FOB on Wednesday and 70-80 increased from $1,23 per kg FOB to $1,25 per kg FOB on Thursday when the market closed.

Current price charts for peanuts

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