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Indian black pepper market was silent for many days; however, the pepper market commenced with promising notes this week.

Prices of all grades increased by $ 1.35 per quintal after a status quo for the last 10 to 11 days. Black pepper 500 GL price were traded $5.238 per mt, which increased by $13 per tone, and now traded at the US $5.253 per tone.

Prices of MG1 traded at the US $5579.85 per mt, ungarbled $5310.30 per mt and 500 GL at the US $5.253 per mt.

Contrary to this, the global pepper price trend was steady. For Vietnam quoted US $4.050 a tone and 500 GL at the US $4.150, and Brazil’s offer was the US $3.950 for ASTA variety.

Indian black pepper prices are higher than the global price.

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