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Pistachio; The Cold Has Damaged the Pistachio Gardens of Rafsanjan City

by | Apr 20, 2022 | driednuts, Iran, Nuts, pistachio, Pistachios

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Eighteen pistachio provinces in Iran suffered from frost in the final days of winter. There has been much damage to Pistachios of Kerman province and Rafsanjan due to frost damage, which loses about 150,000,000 USD.

The frost of late winter and early spring has damaged eighteen pistachio provinces in Iran this year. More than 500,000 tons of pistachio gardens got damaged by frost damage, which is about 202,000 hectares. This crop gets hurt by about 55 percent in Kerman province, 47 percent in Fars province, and about 20 percent in Isfahan province. Kerman province suffered from frost more than the other provinces. There are 240,000 hectares of area under pistachio cultivation in Kerman province, and the frostbite has damaged 160 hectares.

Rafsanjan city has suffered the most damage. In addition, there was severe damage to Fandoghi pistachios, Ahmadaghaei, and Kalleghuchi. Unfortunately, the pistachio product was lost in Rafsanjan due to the frost in the second half of March this year. The pistachio gardens of Ferdows, Bahraman, and Esmailabad have suffered the most damage. The frost has made a loss of about 150,000,000 USD to the pistachio products of this city. Annually, pistachios are produced in the Rafsanjan worth 250,000,000 USD. The average is decreasing due to the loss. Anticipations indicate that about 15,000 tons of pistachios have been lost this year. Last year, 250 kg of pistachios were harvested per hectare. Unfortunately, part of the product was destroyed due to the frost this year. Rafsanjan city is richer in terms of water resources and soil. So, most of the product is produced in this city.

Predictions show that about 100 to 150 kilograms of pistachios are produced per hectare. Therefore, farmers will suffer from diseconomy. Their product has been lost due to natural events, and they cannot pay for maintaining the gardens. Rafsanjan pistachio gardens are worth about 2,000,000,000 USD. However, when the farmer cannot handle the gardens, there will be no product, and the farmer cannot make a living.

The price of Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels has increased in global markets compared to last month. This price increase was in the first week of this period. During the past three weeks, the price of this product for export has been fixed in global markets. In the first week of the mentioned period, the cost of pistachios and pistachio kernels has risen in the domestic market of Iran and international markets due to increased domestic demand caused by the Nowruz holidays and the Iranian New Year. Over the past three weeks, the price of Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels for export stayed almost fixed and unchanged in domestic and global markets due to the end of the Nowruz holidays, reduced demand, and market stability.

Type Variety and Size Price USD/kg Price EURO/kg
Open-Mouth Akbari 20~22 13.34 11.44
Akbari 24~26 12.49 10.71
Ahmadaghaei 24~26 12.47 10.69
Ahmadaghaei 28~30 11.74 10.07
Kalleghuchi 22~24 11.93 10.24
Kalleghuchi 26~28 11.38 9.76
Fandoghi 28~30 10.96 9.40
Fandoghi 32~34 10.45 8.97
Kernel Green Kernel – Premium 20.13 17.27
Kernel- Premium 13.10 11.23
Closed-Mouth Akbari  20~22 9.61 8.24
Ahmadaghaie 24~26 9.36 8.03
Kalleghuchi 26~28 9.12 7.82
Fandoghi 32~34 8.88 7.61

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