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Poppy seed: COVID events determined market

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Oil Seeds, Poppy Seeds

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Blue poppy does not follow the general price increase of vegetable oils. Prices are generally expected to drop significantly at the turn of the year. Some market participants believe that the recent Covid restrictions in the catering and hotel industry should lower prices, as demand for blue poppy is noticeably weakening.

The market immediately reflected, and the Buyers came up with low price ideas around 1,80 EUR, which have not been accepted by the Sellers yet. Suppliers try to keep the prices above 1.90 EUR, but the success of their effort is pretty faint.  The question is whether the costs are making for the low levels until 1,40 EUR as in the past year or will stop around 1,70-1,80 EUR.

Czech blue poppy seed < 25 mg 1.90 EUR/Kg FCA CZ

Hungarian blue poppy seed <10 mg  1.90 EUR/Kg FCA HU

French poppy seed > 25 mg 1.75 EUR/Kg FCA FR

Spanish poppy seed > 25 mg 1.50 EUR/Kg FCA ES

Turkish poppy seed > 25 mg 1.85 EUR/Kg FCA TR

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