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No exciting news on the poppy market. Prices are around 1,95-2,00 EUR/Kg and currently the market seems to stay at this level.

There is still no official data for 2021—year total crop of Hungarian poppy seed. According to processors, the final marketable quantity was around 4000-4500 Mt.

The new poppy fields for 2022. the season is in good conditions appr—9000 Ha. Only food quality poppy seeds were sowed in Hungary.

Source: KSH

Czech blue poppy seed < 25 mg 1.95-2.00 EUR/Kg FCA CZ

Hungarian blue poppy seed <10 mg  1.95 EUR/Kg FCA HU

French poppy seed > 25 mg 1.75 EUR/Kg FCA FR

Spanish poppy seed > 25 mg 1.50 EUR/Kg FCA ES

Turkish poppy seed > 25 mg 1.90 EUR/Kg FCA TR

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