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Price of poppy seed <25 mg seems to be stabilized at around 1.95 EUR/Kg FCA. According to fresh news, the buyers from Poland and Russia who in the past years have increased their poppy import, are looking for rather the higher Morphine content poppy, that is, Spanish or French poppy seed at a lower price, hence the  <10 mg or < 25 mg poppy is looked for instead in traditionally stricter food safety ruled countries like Austria and Germany.

Hungarian blue poppy seed < 10 mg 1.95 EUR/Kg FCA HU

Czech blue poppy seed < 25 mg 1.95 EUR/Kg FCA CZ

Spanish poppy seed >25 mg 1,50 EUR/Kg FCA ES

French poppy seed >25 mg 1,75 EUR/Kg FCA FR

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