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BRNO – Something has started on the poppy seeds market. More and more poppy seed contracts are undersigned. It was very odd in July, and almost no quantities were contracted. The vast majority of the traders have complained that they did not contract poppy seed in July, although they usually make pretty big volume deals until the end of July in the past years. Maybe the holiday season influenced this situation, maybe the simple hesitation caused by the Covid damaged season experiences.

Now again, controversial news has come from the Czech Republic. Some traders are insisted on the good crop, some farmers have reported scarce seed content in the poppy cocoons.

Anyhow only 1 week until the start of the Czech Spring poppy new 2021 crop, and the picture will become clear.

Current quotations of blue poppy seeds, FCA:

Hungary origin, morphine below 10 mg/kg: 1,85 Euro/kg
Czech origin, morphine below 10 mg/kg: 1,80 Euro/kg
Spanish origin, high morphine: 1,50 Euro/kg

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