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Pressure On Pulses Is Expected With Weaker Demand : India

by | May 3, 2022 | Pulses

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There is a lower domestic production of some lentils. Hence the price is expected to increase for a few pulses. But for quite a few pulses, the market is likely to come under pressure.

There has been limited to lower procurement of the pulses by the mills compared to regular demand. There was a slowness among the mills because of the wholesale off-take and weakness in the cash flow.
It has been observed most pulses prices are coming under pressure except for desi chana.

Market experts state that the excess in the sowing of Black lentils and moong is putting pressure on the price. Also, the Arhar price is predicted to stay bearish.

Though the imported quantity of the pigeon pea from Africa during the last season was low, with the good import of the pulse from Sudan and Myanmar, the commodity’s price is expected to stay stable. The drop in the Indian currency compared to the US dollar is making the import expensive for India; limited buying of the pulses will keep the market in check.

Currently, many state governments across the country are selling the pulses through tenders. As a result, the price will remain under control, and the pigeon pea price will be eventually determined by the monsoon rains and the sowing of the product during the time.

Black lentils will continue to have a good import from Myanmar as the central government has extended the quantitative free import of the commodity till 2023. Experts believe that there can be a bit of correction in the price of Black lentils as the demand for the product will not increase much in the spot markets of Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh in the next month. Hence the chances of the price moving up are unlikely for the commodity.

Even for gram, the price increase is unlikely because the government procurement of the pulse is not there across the spot markets of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Lentils are expected to arrive in Kolkata during the month of April-May from Canada and Australia.
Due to limited demand from pulse mills, Canadian lentils are priced between $ 0,90 and $ 0,91 per kg at Mundra and Hazira Indian ports.

Australian lentil prices remained stable at $0,94 per kg. According to traders, the demand for mills remained weak at these prices. Limited demand from pulse mills stayed in Mumbai. Myanmar Black lentils FAQs remained stable at $0,90o $ 0,91 per kg.

In the capital city Delhi the price of Myanmar’s Lemon Arhar 2022 crop is $0,87 per kg. In Chennai, Burma’s lemon pigeon pea fell by 0,03 and traded at $0,82 per kg.

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