Protein Powder From Sunflower Seeds – Truck Load

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Terms of payment: On account of a positive credit check 10 days
Delivery Terms: FCA (Free Carrier)
Shipment period: prompt
Location: Bulgaria
Quantity: 22000 Kg
Origin: Bulgaria
Transport unit: Truck

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Protein powder from sunflower seeds

  • Product: Protein powder from sunflower seeds
  • Packaging: in 25 kg bags
  • Quantity: 22 tonnes
  • Delivery: prompt
  • Incoterm: FCA
  • Payment: 10 days with positive credit check

Proteins are composed of up to 20 different amino acids as building blocks via peptide bonds. These amino acids can be divided into essential and semi-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are essential for life, but cannot be Proteins comprise up to 20 amino acids as building blocks via peptide bonds. These amino acids can be divided into essential and semi-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are essential for life, but cannot be produced by the body itself. A sufficient supply of food is therefore essential. This group includes isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. On the other hand, semi-essential amino acids such as arginine and histidine cannot be formed by the body only during certain developmental phases, e.g. in newborns.


Recommended intake for adults according to WHO

Aninic acid Food amount
in mg per kg body weight per day
Histidin 10
Isoleucin 20
Leucin 39
Lysin 30
Methionin + Cystein 15
Phenylalanin + Tyrosin 25
Threonin 15
Tryptophan 4
Valin 26


Amino acid profile sunflower protein (average data in g/100 g product).

Amino acids in percent

Tryptophan 0,88
Asparaginsäure 5,1
Threonin* 2
Serin 2,21
Glutaminsäure 11,38
Prolin 2,46
Glycin 3,41
Alanin 2,55
Valin* 3,07
Methionin* 1,14
Isoleucin* 2,52
Leucin* 3,62
Tyrosin 1,41
Phenylalanin* 2,68
Lysin* 1,95
Histidin 1,46
Arginin 4,9
Cystin 0,96


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