Sunflower Kernels, Bakery, 99,9% – Truck Load

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Bakery, Hulled, Purity 99.9%

IGC Lowered the Forecast of Global Wheat Production

In the September report, International Grains Council – IGC analysts lowered the forecast of global wheat production in 2023/24 MY to 783.5 mln tonnes compared to 784.1 mln tonnes in the previous forecast, which is also 21.2 mln tonnes lower than in 2022/23 MY,...

Chinese Sunflower Seeds: Unstable Prices in Harvest Season

TIANJIN: According to the feedback from traders in the production areas, Chinese sunflower seeds in Northwest and Inner Mongolia are being harvested one after another. The current market price is unstable, and it is expected that the price will gradually stabilize in...

High Prices Remain in Chinese Lentil Market

Tianjin: Feedback from market participants is that new season Chinese lentils are sold slowly due to high prices. The Italian and French markets are purchasing fewer quantities, with canneries dominating. The domestic market consists mainly of wholesales and prices...

Egyptian Gasc Bought Sunflower Oil 10% Cheaper Than the Previous Tender

On September 21, the Egyptian state operator GASC held international and local tenders for the purchase of 30,000 tons of soybean oil and 10,000 tons of sunflower oil with delivery on December 15-31 and immediate payment, reports Graintrade. Bid prices were lower than...

Grain Markets: Rally in MATIF Wheat

European Grain Markets The MATIF wheat front futures rallied yesterday and is back above the 20-day average. The session started strongly after news of a cargo ship hitting a sea mine in the Black Sea, near the border between Romania and Ukraine. The cause of the...

Corn Market Perspectives – WASDE’s Surprise Report

Chicago Board of Trade Market News Outlook of corn market: Corn futures are 1 cent lower (0.2 percent) than last Friday’s close and just 3 cents (0.6 percent) below the last Market Perspectives report from 31 August. To state the obvious, the market has been...

Romania’s Grain Trade Dilemma: To Ban or Not to Ban Ukrainian Grain?

Prime Minister Ciolacu’s Statement In a significant development, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu of Romania made a noteworthy announcement on Monday, indicating that Romania is considering the possibility of extending a 30-day trade embargo on Ukrainian grain. This...

Onion Traders in Nashik Declare Indefinite Strike as Export Duties Soar

The Indefinite Auction Freeze Onion traders in Nashik district, Maharashtra, have taken a significant step by indefinitely suspending auctions in all Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs). This move has raised concerns about potential shortages and price...

Rain Showers Bless Groundnut Crops: A Bountiful Harvest Expected

Groundnut crops in Gujarat and Rajasthan have received a blessing from the heavens through abundant rainfall. This boon is expected to boost groundnut production in Gujarat alone by a staggering two to three lakh tonnes, with estimates pegging the total output at 2.5...

Positive Signals From Poland Regarding Imports of Ukrainian Agricultural Products

The three EU countries, which introduced national bans on the export of Ukrainian agricultural products, are ready to consider the mechanism of joint verification and approval of supplies proposed by Ukraine. Deputy Minister of Economy – trade representative of...

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Terms of payment: On account of a positive credit check 10 days
Delivery Terms: FCA (Free Carrier)
Shipment period: prompt
Location: Moldova
Quantity: 22000 Kg
Origin: Moldova
Transport unit: Truck
Crop/Production: Crop 2022

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Type of agriculture: Conventional

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Sonnenblumenkerne, Bäckerei, 99,98 %

  • Produkt : Sonnenblumenkerne, Backwaren, 99,98 %
  • Verpackung: 25 kg Säcke, 30 Säcke auf Paletten – 22,68 kg Säcke, 33 Säcke auf Paletten – Big Bags
  • Menge: 22 Tonnen
  • Lieferung: prompt
  • Incoterm: FCA
  • Zahlung: 10 Tage bei positiver Bonitätsprüfung

Das Commodity Board ist ein Service-Technologie-Unternehmen, dessen Ziel es ist, Unternehmen im Agrar- und Ernährungssektor mit allen relevanten Informationen und Daten entlang der Wertschöpfungsketten zu versorgen. Unser Ziel ist es, Sie unabhängig von der Ware mit den Informationen zu versorgen, die Sie benötigen. Ob der Kunde Preisinformationen, Prognosen oder Ernteinformationen benötigt. Unser Team verfügt über jahrzehntelange Erfahrung im Rohstoffgeschäft und kann auf eine lange Tradition im Rohstoffhandel zurückgreifen. Fragen Sie uns, wir unterstützen Sie!

  • Tägliche Markt- und Preisinformationen direkt aus der Quelle
  • Statistiken zu über 500 Produkten
  • Preisdiagramme für alle wichtigen Agrarrohstoffe
  • Top aktuelle Marktanalysen und Trendprognosen
  • Tägliche Überwachung der wesentlichen Rohstoffmärkte
  • Produktinformationen wie Erntemengen, Erntedatum, Produktqualität
  • Adressen der wichtigsten Lieferanten und Abnehmer

Das Geschäftsmodell unseres Unternehmens basiert auf zwei Säulen: dem Handel mit Rohstoffen und der Bereitstellung von Informationsdienstleistungen für die Agrar- und Lebensmittelbranche. Unser Ziel ist die Vermarktung von Rohstoffen im Futtermittel- und Lebensmittelbereich. Der Handel mit Dingen erfordert eine hohe Kompetenz der Mitarbeiter. Mit dieser Kompetenz stehen wir an der Seite unserer Partner. Unser Slogan lautet: Weniger ist mehr. Was wir damit meinen, ist einfach. Wir kümmern uns darum, ob Sie Waren kaufen oder verkaufen möchten. So haben Sie weniger zu tun und können sich um andere wichtige Dinge kümmern.

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Bakery, Hulled, Purity 99.9%



25 kg Säcke 30 Säcke Paletten
22,68 kg Säcke 33 Säcke Paletten
Big Bags


Contact Person CMB

Cezary Zamecki
Commodity Board Europe GmbH
Pestalozzistr. 25
22305 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40-80813-456
Language: Polish, German, English

Michael Gütlich
Commodity Boarde Europe GmbH
Pestalozzistr. 25
22305 Hamburg

Mobil: +49 (0)175-5479807 – Phone: +49 (0)40-808-139-65
Language: German, English, French



About us: Unicaps SRL is one of the main processors and exporters of agricultural products in the Republic of Moldova. The sphere of the company’s commercial interests mainly includes all products obtained as a result of processing sunflower seeds (see:

To achieve the highest quality, we use modern technological equipment from Bühler AG. Our products are exported to most European countries as well as to the USA, China, Eastern countries, and CIS countries. And last but not least, the quality of our products is certified by Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000, Kiwa BCS Organic production standard, and U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

We are processing a wide range of “sunflower products” such as:

* Sunflower Kernels – Bakery/Confectionery/Chips
* Sunflower Kernels – Organic Bakery
* Sunflower seeds for consumption – Black and Stripped
* Sunflower seeds for Bird feed – Black and Stripped

And “flax seeds”

– Golden Flax Seeds
– Brown Flax Seeds
– Organic Golden Flax seeds

QM Docs

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Production flowchart
HACCP plan
Allergen declaration
GMO declaration
Product specification
Packing specification
Declaration of compliance
Company certificates
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Market Sunflower

Sunflower seeds world production


If you have a question or need smaller quantities, please contact us. We will be glad to hear from you.