The raw materials price of shine skin seems stable over the past two weeks, the current price is CNY16.4-16.5/KG in origin(it was around CNY15/KG in the beginning of April). [swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’]So we can see it was a big increased over the past month. The farmers are still sowing the new crop now and it will be finished in May 20th in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. It is truth thing that the planting area is smaller 20-30% in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia origin and 50% in Northeast. For the future market, experts think the market price will keep going up till new crop coming. The next timing should be on May 20th. As when new crop planting is finished, the dealers will try to push the market up. Market experts believe that the raw materials price will be up to CNY18/KG as time goes and the open price of 2021 crop raw materials should be around CNY16/KG.

The GWS market is also stable here, the current raw materials price keep on CNY20/KG for long time. We can see clearly that the available materials in the market is very limited. So the price should be going up slowly.

We noticed that the demand from oversea is better and better, the stocks of low price for most suppliers have been sold out, so we can see the market price is higher now. Another thing is that the freight rate is keeping on a high level, the current freight from China port to EMP is around USD5200 for 20’ft container and it is still going up.

Prices for Chinese pumpkinseed kernels, CFR EMP

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