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ODESA: In Ukraine, the purchase prices for corn are going down. In general, this week, they lost about 10 $/t to 260-265 $/t or 7700-7800 UAH/t with delivery to the port. Meanwhile, sales and supplies to port are increasing.

For the moment, Ukrainian agrarians have threshed corn on 61% of the area, or 3.3 million hectares. They have got 22.8 million tons with an average yield of 6.82 tons/ha. These figures confirm the forecasts for the harvest of about 38-39 million tons this season.

The cost of delivery to the ports remains at a high level due to transport shortages. This will continue to restrain the bulk deliveries of corn to the docks. Nevertheless, the situation with sales is improving because of deliveries under forwarding contracts. Export companies have to overpay for delivery to avoid penalties for non-delivery.

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