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Egypt has imposed EU MRL (Maximum Residue Levels) for Cumin seeds. Indian Exporters are concerned about how they will tackle this issue as slowly all consuming countries want to follow EU MRL specifications.

Since Egypt, like many other countries are using cumin in their blends and further exporting to other countries – mainly to Europe, they have started insisting on this. This has become a worldwide situation – even in the US, where steam-sterilized spices are sometimes subjected to EU specifications. The Government of India is working on sorting out this issue with the EU. Studies have to be conducted, which is going on and hopefully concluded by the end of September. The EU has insisted that they are willing to look into this matter only with studies and proof.

New rules as regards PA in Seeds are already implemented since July 2022. Neither Spices Board Laboratory nor any accreditation Laboratory in India can test this parameter. Recently few exporters cargo upon arrival tested, but due to high PA, buyers are rejecting it, though rules will be applicable only next year, buyer cites the reason that their authorities are advising them not to accept cargo.

In the above Scenario, Indian exporters are worried about convincing the consuming countries to accept Indian spices. Indian Manufacturers and Exporters are seeking guidance and solutions on the priority. If needed, they are planning to take up this matter with the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and submit Memorandum so that Ministry can take up issues with respective countries.

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