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MUMBAI – After last month’s sudden dip in the raisin price, the market is holding steady this week. On August 12, the market closed at USD 2,45 per kg FOB for Golden Raisin AA quality. Black raisin AA quality was sold for USD 1,09 per kg FOB, and Malayer Raisin AA Quality was USD 1,10 per kg FOB on that day.

While prices for both Golden and Black Raisin AA Quality have increased from USD 2,38 per kg FOB and USD 1,09 per kg FOB respectively, there was a decrease in Malayer Raisin AA Quality from USD 1,11 per kg FOB to USD 1,10 per kg FOB.

However, all the varieties of raisins are performing better than the sudden drop they experienced last month. For example, Black Raisin AA Quality hit the lowest with USD 1,66 per kg FOB in July before picking up at USD 2,37 per kg FOB. Similarly, despite reaching USD 1,18 per kg FOB, Black Raisin AA quality dropped to USD 1,09 per kg FOB last month and currently holds the same price.

Malaya Raisin AA Quality picked up the price from USD 1,11 per kg FOB to USD 1,22 per kg FOB last month before dropping to USD 1,11 per kg FOB. However, as mentioned before, the price of the variety has decreased again this week.

But the overall pricing of raisins is steady in the market.

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