Mumbai – India’s raisins market has been strong this year because of the lower supply. The main reason behind less supply is the Corona Pandemic, as many markets, especially in Mumbai and nearby areas, were in the lockdown phase.

Due to the corona pandemic for the last three months, raisins supply from Maharashtra decreased by 37 to 38 per cent. Also, there is very little stock remaining in the market.

One more reason behind less supply of Raisins is that this year the production of grapes declined by 40%, which affected the production too. On the other hand, due to adverse weather conditions, production decreased in Tasgaanv, and production units were closed amid lockdown restrictions; thus, due to the supply shortage against the demand, the raisins market remained higher was expected to rise in the coming days.

The prices are currently between $1.48 – $1.55 per kg and are expected to rise to $1.70/kg in the coming weeks.

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