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Though the market opened on a positive note for the raisin traders in India, it soon went on a downward spiral as the month progressed. The prices are still sluggish for all raisins and are becoming a concern for farmers and traders.

The market opened at FOB $2,43 per kg for the Golden Raisin AA Quality variety and then suddenly hit the price of FOB $1,67 per kg at the end of the week. It then picked up to FOB $2,36 per kg in the middle of the month, and on July 28, it was FOB $2,39 per kg.  The case has been the same for Black Raisin AA Quality and Black Raisin AA Quality.

The former opened at FOB $1,17 per kg and the latter at FOB $1,19 per kg on July 1 and stayed stable until it reached FOB $1,18 per kg and FOB $1,21 per kg. On July 27, both the categories spiralled down, with Black Raisin AA Quality at FOB $1,08 per kg and Black Raisin AA Quality at FOB $1,12 per kg.

The market held the same price for all the categories on July 28.

It is expected that the prices can improve in the coming months because of the festivals starting soon and also wedding season in India is approaching. This can bring a little relief for the traders and farmers of raisins as the domestic and retail demand is likely to improve.

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