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KERMAN – According to the statistics received from the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the export of Iranian pistachios in June (22 May to 21 June) of this year was equal to 12.279 tons, compared to the previous month, which was about 10.448 tons, has increased by 17,5 per cent. Also, the number of exports of this product compared to the same period last year (9.841 tons) has increased by about 25 per cent.

One of the reasons for the increase in exports in June this year compared to June last year was the increase in the exchange rate of foreign currencies against the Rial, which reduced the price of Iranian pistachios for export in world markets and increased demand for pistachios produced in Iran. Of the 12.279 tons of pistachios exported in June, were 8.545 tons of open-mouth pistachios (69,6 per cent), 1.968 tons of closed-shell pistachios (16 per cent), 1.436 tons of kernels (11,7 per cent), 166 tons of green kernels and 165 tons were other pistachio cultivars.

Also, the volume of Iranian pistachio exports from October 2020 to June 2021 (9 months of the commercial year 2020-21) was equal to 174.331 tons compared to the same period last year (106.787 tons), has increased by 63,3 per cent.

The adjustment of the trade environment with Iran with the coming to power of the new US administration and the negotiations between Iran and the member states of JCPOA, and the hope of lifting the sanctions have been among the reasons for this increase in Iran’s pistachio exports.

China is the most important market for Iranian pistachios

Among Iran’s pistachio export destinations during this period, China was the most important Iranian pistachio export destination, with 71.865 tons of pistachios imported from Iran, which accounted for 41,2 per cent of Iran’s pistachio exports. After China, the most important export destination for Iranian pistachios in the first 9 months of this year was India, with 16.016 tons. After these two countries, Germany with 10.168 tons, Iraq with 9.738 tons, Turkey with 9.707 tons, UAE with 8.720 tons and Russia with 8.313 tons were in the next places. In the first 9 months of the current commercial year, 136.366 tons of open-mouth pistachios, 18.988 tons of closed-shell pistachios, 16.411 tons of kernels and 1.172 tons of green kernel have been exported from Iran.

Increasing prices due to the lack of stock

The prices of Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels have been growing over the past month. Over the past month, due to the lack of stock of many pistachio cultivars in the market and the depletion of stocks of pistachios, the supply of pistachios and pistachio kernels in the market decreased, which led to an increase in pistachio prices in the domestic market and subsequently in international markets. Additionally, drought and damage to pistachio fields in the past several months caused damage to Iranian pistachio fields. It is predicted that the amount of pistachio production will decrease next year compared to this year and previous forecasts, which also led to an increase in export pistachio prices.

Compared to last month, the price of Akbari pistachios has increased by about 1,3 to 2 per cent. The price of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios has increased by 2,3 to 3,2 per cent, and the price of fandoghi pistachios has increased by 2 per cent. The price of Kalleghuchi pistachios is almost constant and equal to the price of last month. Also, the price of green pistachio kernel has increased by about 4 per cent compared to the previous month, and the price of pistachio kernel has increased by 2,5 per cent. The price of closed-shell pistachios has also increased by about 6,8 to 7,8 per cent due to the severe shortage of market inventory.

Pistachio Type Variety and Size Price USD/kg Price EURO/kg
Open-Mouth Akbari 20~22 11.02 9.50
Akbari 24~26 10.30 8.88
Ahmadaghaei 24~26 10.15 8.76
Ahmadaghaei 28~30 9.58 8.26
Kalleghuchi 22~24 9.20 7.93
Kalleghuchi 26~28 8.72 7.52
Fandoghi 28~30 8.91 7.68
Fandoghi 32~34 8.43 7.27
Closed-Mouth Akbari  20~22 8.14 7.02
Ahmadaghaie 24~26 7.90 6.82
Kalleghuchi 26~28 7.66 6.61
Fandoghi 32~34 7.42 6.40
Kernel Green Kernel – Premium 15.33 13.22
Kernel- Premium 10.39 8.96

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