Mumbai – A total of 306.900 tons of sesame arrived at China’s main ports, i.e. Qingdao and Tianjin.

During the last week, as of June 17, China’s total inventory is around 306.900 tons, while Qingdao is about 282.600 tons, and that of Tianjin port is about 24.300 tons.

At Qingdao Port Sudan, sesame accounted for about 20.5%, which decreased compared with last week. On the other hand, the proportion of Nigeria sesame was about 30% which increased slightly compared with last week.

Ethiopia sesame accounted for about 12.5%, which was a decrease compared with last week. While Togo sesame accounted for about 24%, and that was the same as last week.

Tanzania accounted for about 1.5%, and Mozambique origin accounted for 1%. There was no big change compared with last week.

However, sesame from other origins accounted for 10.59%, which was increased a bit compared with last week.

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