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Currently, the sesame seed market price has improved on Tuesday, 14 September. White Natural 99/1/1 increased the price from $1,43 per kg FOB to $1,46 per kg FOB. Similarly, there was a price increase for White Natural Sortex 99.95%, White Hulled Seeds Auto Dry 99.95%, 99.97%, and 99.98%. The Sortex 99.95% closed the market at $1,56 per kg FOB while Auto Dry 99.95 was %1,85 per kg FOB, 99.97% was $1,88 per kg FOB and $99.98% was 1,94 per kg FOB.

It is believed that in the coming days, with the increased local demand and rains affecting the crops, the prices of sesame seeds are likely to increase by $0.06 – $0.14 per kg till Diwali.

Heavy rain in Gujarat during the last three days has harmed the sesame crop. As a result, it is expected that instead of the predicted 40 to 50 thousand tons of sesame, Gujarat will be able to produce only 25 to 30 thousand tons of crop. As a result of less sesame seed production, India might import the product in the coming months.

However, this imported sesame seed cannot happen before January next year. Hence the local demand must be met by the crop produced in India.  This is good news for the country’s sesame farmers, stockists, and traders. Also, currently, there is a good supply of the crop, and there is a good amount of the old stock. However, this can change when the new stock arrives, which is also the peak season for the demand.

Currently, the price of the Indian sesame seed in the international market is the same as that of the other country’s produce. However, it has also been reported that Africa’s sesame-producing countries benefit from exporting their products to the US and European countries.

Between the next 8 to 10 days, Korean tender for sesame seed of 4000 tons is to be made, but with significant crop production in Pakistan, they are likely to take a significant share in the tender.

However, the increase in local demand and less crop production in the market keeps the price steady and will remain so until the festival season ends.

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