Mumbai – Indian sesame market has no significant movement despite getting Korean tender. This is really quite shocking that Sesame Market is not having a strong uptrend movement after the release of Korean Tender. It is on a quiet, slow trend. As we all know, the country won the Korean tender order of 11,200 Metric Tons. The Tender did have a strong impact on the market in any way. The FOB price of Hulled Sesame Seeds (99,95% Pure) is around 1,46 $/Kg, and Natural Sesame Seeds (99,95% Sortex) is 1,22 $/Kg in the International Market.

The summer sesame crop was estimated to arrive in the market between 50,000 to 1,00,000 metric tonnes, but due to the Tauktae cyclone, 20 to 25% of the crop was ruined. On the other hand, the market also has 20 to 25 thousand tonnes carrying forward stock in warehouses.

As we know, India got 11.200 tonnes of orders from Korea because of the meagre prices offered by Indian Manufacturers and suppliers. According to traders, the market was very sluggish from March till May 2021 due to lockdown and rising cases of covid-19. As the restriction was released in June, local demand increased and supported the market trend. Looking at the global market scenario, African countries are the biggest competitors of India as of now. They have good crop condition and volume. Their crop growth is steadily rising by 10-20 per cent higher. Therefore, they can sell their crop at lower prices, affecting the Indian sesame market trend in the International Market.

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