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TIANJIN: According to market feedback, the production of lentils in foreign countries has been reduced. Compared with last year, the production of Turkish red lentils is not as good as last year. However, many Chinese and Indian importers have begun to purchase in large quantities. There is also a reduction in the production of Chinese lentils, mainly High-quality green lentils are very popular in the Italian market. It is not ruled out that there is a phenomenon of panic buying of new goods. Traders always pay attention to the market situation of China’s lentil-producing areas.

Current Market Price in China for small lentil

Product name Chinese Small Lentils
Color Green
Type Chinese Green Lentil
Quality Grade A
Purity 99.5%
Package 25 kg PP bag
Crop 2020
MOQ 22 Tons
Price Usd 1080/mt

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