Many import rejections reported from spices from the EU – European Commission AND USA – U.S. Food and Drug Administration JUNE 2021.

The total Rejections were 28 by RASFF Import Rejection (in Spices)- June 2021. Most of the import rejections reported from Brazil 7, India 6, Spice with the highest number of rejections Pepper 8
The main reason for the most no: of rejections was Salmonella.12 shipments were rejected for that, following by 7 rejections because of Ethylene oxide.

On the other hand, USFDA Import Refusal (in Spices)- June 2021 were 39. Spain rejected 18 consignments of spices. The highest number of rejections was 21, found in Black Pepper. The reason for most rejections was  Salmonella, which was found in 23 shipments, and the second one was the Labelling issue found in 8.