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Market players stated that demands are poor from the buyers’ side and that short-term purchases are preferred. The more surprising for the exporters is that even the call-off of the existing orders has slowed down as well. Usually, the tempo of exports is very high at this time of the year.

After the high fluctuations in the currency last week, the Turkish Lira started the week more calmly. Raisin deliveries to TMO also slowed down after the slight price increases in the free market.Sultana raisins are currently traded at 12.00 -12-50 TL/kg for type nr.9 at the market and the Borse in Izmir.

Market players stated that higher freight costs from especially China to Europe also direct the preferences to Turkish sultana raisins.

Another important fact is that the tariff for natural gas for industry and electricity generation purposes increased by 48 percent as of today in Turkey, which is also implausible that the prices of Turkish sultana raisins will decrease according to the market players.

Despite the weakened TL and increasing raw material prices, exporters offer this week again conventional sultana raisins at 1550-1600 Usd/mt and Organic sultana raisins at 2400-2450 Usd/mt on FOB basis levels. Today, the Turkish Lira noted the Usd/TL rate at 9.51 TL ( 9,58 last week) and Euro/TL rate at 11.03 TL levels ( 11.13 last week).

Total exports until 30 Oct. 2021 noted 50.597 mt, which was 50.890 previous year during the same period. Turkey exported 4682 mt of sultana raisins last week, being 4504 mt during the same week of the previous Season.

Sultana Raisins, Turkey, crop 2021
Type USD/kg
Type 8, Std. Grade A 1,50
Type 9, Std. Grade A 1,50-1,55
Type 10, Std.Grade A 1,75
Type nr .9 Organic, Std. Grade A 2,45
FOB Izmir
Seedless dried raisins exports on  mt basis
Season 2021 2020
Qty (mt) 50.597 50.890
From the beginning of the season

Source: Trade

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