MANISA – As the latest export figures confirm, Turkey has accelerated its exports in the last few weeks.

Market players stated that the exports had reached the last season’s figures every week (4.059 mt versus 4.084 mt during the same week of the last season).

However, there is still a  difference of almost  -13% in the total exports compared with the previous season. The Aegean Exporters Union had at the beginning of the current season started that they expected roughly 240.000 mt of exports during the 2020 season.

Will Turkey be able to reach these export figures? There are still at least 10 weeks to go, and if the weekly exports continue at this rate, it means that approximately 40.000 mt can still be exported and reach the aimed figures.

Rumours are circulating in the markets that the new harvest will not be less than 300,000 mt. At the same time, the farmers believe that it will be much less due to the weather conditions during spring. The rumours are circulating nowadays that TMO will continue buying sultana raisins despite the huge carry-over of approx.60.000 mt on their stocks. The Turkish lira again depreciated since the end of last week and reached the following rates; USD/TL is 8.77 TL (which was 8.46 last week), and Euro/TL is at 10.45 TL level (which was 10.26 TL last week).

Exporters expect that there may be an increase in demand due to the acceleration of normalization in the world trade in the new season. Therefore better export figures will be achieved. Turkey has meanwhile exported 183.909 mt until last week, which was 207.566 mt last year during the same period.

Sultana raisin exports on the mt basis

Season Mt
2020/21 183.909
2019/20 207.566


Sultana Raisins, Turkey
Type USD/kg
Type 8, Std., Grade A 1,65
Type 9, Std., Grade A 1,65
Type 10, Stdi, Grade A 2.05
Organic, Type 9, Grade A 2,75
FOB Izmir

Source: Trade

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