Manisa –  Turkey’s seedless dried raisins exports show consistently increases during last weeks

Market players stated an increase in both demands and exports of seedless dried raisins from Turkey. The export prices for type nr.9, both for the actual and the new crop, are reduced to 1.650 Usd/mt on a FOB basis since last weeks, which has increased spot demands from overseas.

Farmers, however, expect higher prices from TMO for their new crop. TMO will have a carry-over of approx.60.000 mt on their stocks, so the biggest question is whether TMO will announce prices and start buying from the growers immediately at the beginning of the new Season.

Market players stated that growers could withhold their product if they are not able to get better prices. Farmers say that their production costs are increased, so they expect a higher price from the State. Also, the fluctuations in the Turkish Lira continued and reached the following rates; Usd/TL is 8.69 TL (which was 8.77 last week), and Euro/TL is 10.37 TL levels (which was 10.45 TL Last week).

Turkey has exported 11% less than the previous Season; exporters are in the meaning that high prices caused this decrease at the beginning of the current Season. Turkey has meanwhile exported 188.276 mt until last week, which was 211.788 mt last year during the same period.

Seedless dried raisins exports on the mt basis
Season 2020/21 2019/20
Amount 188.276 211.788
From the beginning of the season until 25 June 2021

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