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Sultana Raisins: Prices increased

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Dried Fruits, Raisins, Specials

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TMO had last week stopped with the purchase of sultana raisins. Type nr.9 is currently traded at 14.50 TL/kg at the Borse in Izmir and the Market since the end of last week. The raw material prices increased from 13 TL/kg to these levels due to the depreciation of the Turkish Lira. The USD/TL Exchange rate has maintained its high course since weeks. Market players stated that uncertainties in foreign exchange force the exporters and that cost prices are constantly increasing.

Exporters continue to offer sultana raisins at 1450-1500 Usd/mt levels. Organic sultana raisins are offered at 2150-2200 Usd/mt on FOB basis. As stated before, the demands remain poor from abroad, as seen from the total export figures since the beginning of the new Season.

Today, the Turkish Lira noted the Usd/TL rate at 13.79 TL (12.81 last week) and Euro/TL rate at 15.58 TL levels (14.44 last week), and lost value by almost 8% since last week. Turkey’s total exports range at 77.056 mt until 04 Dec. 2021, which was 77.994 mt the previous year during the same period. Turkey exported last week 4034 mt of sultana raisins, being 4693 mt during the same week of the previous Season

Sultana Raisins, Turkey, crop 2021
Type USD/kg
Type 8, Std. Grade A 1,40
Type 9, Std. Grade A 1,40-1,50
Type 10, Std.Grade A 1,70
Type nr .9 Organic, Std. Grade A 2,20
FOB Izmir
Seedless dried raisins exports on  mt basis
Season 2021 2020
Qty (mt) 77.056 77.994
From the beginning of the season

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