The prices must decline during the summer period, and the expectations for the new crop are for a little lower prices…[swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’]

On the other side, there is huge tension about the new crop – most of the companies are confused and refusing to give offers, and those that are daring to quote remain cautious and with relatively high price offers. There are rumors that there will be a shortage of seeds this autumn, and I can agree with them only for the striped sunflower seeds as it has become clear that many farmers have switched from growing striped seeds to growing black seeds.

Otherwise, the weather is more or less favorable, and there is nothing to complain about. Maybe a little rainy, and if the rains continue for a month or more, they may cause problems and damages, but the vegetation is OK for the moment, and the tension on the market is caused mostly by psychological factors and rumors…