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ODESA: In Ukraine, soybeans and sunflower seeds have been getting cheaper since last week. The reason was the decline in the price of vegetable oil on the world market. An additional factor is the completion of the sunflower harvest, the total yield of which is higher than last season.

According to analytics, the reduction in prices is still limited because farmers have learned to survive such adjustments and are not in a hurry to sell their stocks.

At present, farmers have only 10% of soybeans and sunflowers left to harvest. 13.56 million tons of sunflower have been threshed from an area of ​​5.9 million hectares. Also, 3.48 million tons of soybeans have been gathered from an area of ​​almost 1.2 million hectares.

Sunflower prices in Ukrainian ports decreased to the level 1.8000-1.8200 UAH  / t.

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