DALIAN – The last oil sunflower supplies in Xinjiang are coming slowly into the market. The farmers have no stocks left, and the trades have almost come to an end. Sunflower seeds with a high oil content of 46%-47% are traded at a reference price of USD 1,03-1,05 /kg. However, imported sunflower seeds are coming into the market, which keeps the prices stable.

Sunflower seeds for the snack industry, mainly produced in Inner Mongolia, are selling slowly. However, the reason, in this case, is the bad demand from customers. The buyers are very carefully buying just their minimum needs. Price for sunflower seeds type 361, size: 200pcs/50g, no skin scratching, slight rust, EXW is USD 1.10-1.20 /kg; size: 220pcs/50g, no skin scratching, slight rust, EXW price is USD 1.00-1.10 /kg.

Farmers in producing areas have limited stocks left, and traders have a limited quantity of goods in their warehouses, so they are reluctant to sell at low prices. The demand is slow; traders order sporadic replenishment and are very cautious at procurement. Therefore, market participants expect the prices for snack sunflower seeds stable in the short term.

Current market price in China for sunflower seeds

Product  Sunflower Seeds
Type  361
Moisture  10 % Max
Purity  99.5 % Min
Imperfect  2 % Max
Package  25kg  Paper Bag/ Plastic Bag ;
Loading  10Tons / 20GP
Price USD 1270/Mt


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