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Sunflower Ukraine: Sunflower prices continued increasing trend this week.

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Oil Seeds, Sunflower Seeds

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ODESA: Sunflower oil manufacturers in Ukraine are increasing their production and increasing their raw materials stocks.  This week several factors have contributed to instead a substantial price increase. First of all, the World market of oils continued its growth. Secondly, rates for inland logistics in Ukraine has increased and had a significant influence on the price. Thirdly, the Ukrainian currency has weakened almost 0,5 UAH since the beginning of the week.

For the moment, purchasing prices in stock houses increased by 600-700 UAH/T to the level of 20.400-20.500 UAH/T. The demand from manufacturers is still higher than the supply. It is hard to imagine that prices will stop growing in the nearest future.

The price for a truck of hulled sunflower seeds, bakery in Ukraine is currently 1.12/kg FCA. The big challenge is to get transportation.

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