The hauliers` El Dorado is the traders`Juarez. Somewhere in between, they meet and settle suffering agreements.

The truck demand continues to be substantial, and the supply inferior.  Even worse – the vacation time is there, and the supply will become shorter and shorter. Many hauliers announce this and expect even higher prices for the summer months what is being by and large and not without pain accepted.

On the other side, the transporters face drivers` migration problems. They tend to abandon jobs easily when something is not tailored for them. So the transporters go fishing for good drivers who became a kind of white whale. Alone in  Poland,  47.000 chauffeurs are missing, not to mention Germany or France.

Observing this, one would ask, is it the beginning of a bubble? A transportation bubble?

from/to North DE South DE Ruhr Area Middle DE NL – ports NL – other Belgium Austria Linz – Wels Austria Vienna
N-E BG 2 040 EUR 1 880 EUR 2015 EUR 1 960 EUR 2 300 EUR 2 365 EUR 2 400 EUR 1 450 EUR 1430 EUR
Central PL 990 EUR 1 363 EUR 1 300 EUR 1 250 EUR 1 270 EUR 1 340 EUR 1 350 EUR 1 180 EUR 1020 EUR

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