The shoal of trucks – decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic – slowly reproduces itself [swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’] and swims for more food, i.e., loads. This stabilizes the system so that the prices do not increase in a significant way. The equilibrium is being kept. Bear in mind, please, that it is a high-priced one.

Directors of transportation companies Eastern Europe wide are happy:  “At the end, the justice came. We are picking cherries now—no more hunger games. Sometimes a small…accept the price or not it is up to you. I have a truck.. you have a valuable client.. so..”  is being heard while interviewing many haulers. They can pick the best loads to the best destinations and avoid boring clients with their even more boring and difficult offloading places, for instance, Switzerland or Austria.

The prices from North-Eastern Bulgaria and Poland to Western Europe have not changed significantly for a week. The next week’s view is that there should be no real increase – so the status quo works.

FTL Prices ex Bulgaria and Poland

from/to North DE South DE Ruhr Area Middle DE NL – ports NL – other Belgium Austria Linz – Wels Austria Vienna
N-E BG 2 010 EUR  1 840 EUR 1 930 EUR 1 950 EUR 2 200 EUR  2 300 EUR 2 350 EUR 1 450 EUR 1430 EUR
Central PL 950 EUR  1 250 EUR 1 230 EUR 1 200 EUR 1 200 EUR 1 300 EUR  1 350 EUR  1 150 EUR 1 100 EUR