Situation now

After the Covid – shock transportation prices per truck (FTL) across Europe could finally find stable equilibria.[swpm_protected visible_to=”logged_in_users_only” custom_msg=’This content is for members only. Please login or sign up now.’] We focus here on the strategic flows from North and  North-East Bulgaria to Germany and Netherlands (sunflower kernels) and from Poland to Germany and Netherlands (linseed). The prices from aforementioned Bulgarian regions to Germany could be calculated in average of 0,97 — 1,10 EUR/km and from Poland to Germany 1,25 EUR/km.  Prices to Netherlands are based on fixed rates as Holland specificly Rotterdam area is the most desirable destination in Europe. One has to pay 2300 EUR/truck in average. From Poland however there is a long lasting rate of 1200 EUR/truck.

Very interesting was price movement from continental Europe to GB. After turbulances and chaos due to Brexit (there was a peak before Christmas and shortly after New Year when one could face figures like 3 EUR/km + ferry charges) prices have reached reasonable and acceptable equilibria. From Poland to central GB – 2500 EUR/truck, from Belgium 1600 EUR/truck  (all in = ferries included), from Germany 2100 EUR/truck.


Transportation prices are expected to stabilise on the levels mentioned during next 2 weeks. However as  summer approaches we should face some slight increases due to start of vacation time where a significant number of drivers will go on a vacation.