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ODESA: Due to the lack of rains, harvesting late crops in Ukraine remains high.

Sunflower is threshed on 83% of the area, and taking into account the average yield, it will not be possible to collect the USDA forecasted 17 million tons.

The average purchasing price for sunflowers in Ukrainian ports is stable to increase. On October 25, it has reached the level of 19.200-19.400 UAH/t.

As of October 22, Ukrainian agrarian threshed 56.3 million tons of grain and leguminous crops from 12.2 million hectares or 76% of the area.

For the moments, the results are the following:

wheat – 32.38 million tons from 7 million hectares or 100% of the area;
barley – 9.6 million tons from 2.46 million hectares or 100% of the site;
peas – 576.17 thousand tons from 236.3 thousand hectares or 100% of the site;
corn – 11.2 million tons from 1.7 million hectares or 32% of the site;
millet – 179 thousand tons from 76.3 thousand hectares or 98% of the site;
sunflower – 12.7 million tons from 5.4 million hectares or 83% of the site;
rapeseed – 2.9 million tons from 1.01 million hectares or 100% of the site.

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