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Ukraine Oil seeds: In November, the seaports of Ukraine reduced export shipments of rapeseed.

by | Dec 15, 2021 | News, Oil Seeds

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ODESA: According to the monitoring data from APK-Inform news agency, in November 2021, Ukrainian seaports exported 1.15 million tons of oilseeds and products of their processing. This is 27% less than a month earlier (1.57 million tons).

Thus, the export of sunflower and processed products in November increased by 15.2% compared to October and amounted to 849 thousand tons. In particular – 480.5 thousand tons of sunflower oil, 340.5 thousand tons of meal, 28 thousand tons of sunflower seeds.

Export of soybeans and processed products amounted to 169.4 thousand tons. Almost the entire volume was soybean seeds – 163.4 thousand tons. Only 6 thousand tons of meal went abroad in November, with no soybean oil export in November and October.

Shipments of rapeseed and processed products decreased significantly about the previous month and amounted to only 126.4 thousand tons. This is 5.5 times less than the October volume. In particular – 114.9 thousand tons of rapeseed  (5.7 times less than a month earlier), 11.6 thousand tons of rapeseed oil (38.2% less).

The critical directions for Ukrainian oilseeds and processed products in November were China (295.5 thousand tons), India (187.1 thousand tons) and Turkey (148.7 thousand tons).

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