ODESSA – Ukraine is ready to start harvesting yellow peas in the southern regions. Some farmers even reported on receiving first volumes from the fields. The start of a full-scale cleaning is just around the corner. Analysts predict a higher yield of peas than previous forecasts due to the prevailing favourable weather conditions this year.

As a matter of fact, sowing was completed with over fulfilment of the plan. In total, peas were sown on an area of ​​245.4 thousand hectares. But not everything is so cloudless for Ukrainian exporters.

First of all, the competition for Ukrainian peas in 2021/22 MY on the world market will be from Russia. Russian exporters offer their products at the most attractive price for buyers. And the biggest problem can become quality issues. Abundant rains have led to the fact that the ripening of the peas is not uniform. Accordingly, a large percentage of green beans may be present in yellow peas. This is a huge problem for buyers.