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Odesa – Recently, many analytics forecasted good prices for Ukrainian rapeseeds because of weather problems in Canada. Since the beginning of the harvest campaign, the prices were bouncing up and down. The market has got more offers from farmers and buyers showed good activity.

Apparently, this week a huge increase took place. CPT prices for rapeseeds in ports have boosted by 40 $/t and went up to 600 $/t. The reason is likely to be the following – some market participants have to close their contracts for rather big volumes. Due to unstable prices at the market, the farmers are not in a hurry to sell their volumes. So the traders had to increase the price to collect necessary volumes.

In addition, rapeseed was harvested on an area of 569 thousand hectares (56% of the forecast) with an average yield of 2.61 t / ha.  Almost 1.5 million tons of seeds new crops are available now.

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