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ODESA: This week, several market participants reported a price decrease for sunflower and soybeans.  The reason was the decline in the price of vegetable oil on the world market. An additional factor is the completion of the sunflower harvest, the total yield of which is higher than last season.

But unlike sunflower and soybeans, prices for flaxseeds and rapeseeds remained on the same level. One of the reasons is, of course, limited stocks. Rapeseeds peak export was in August and September, and for the moment, many traders stopped buying it. Flaxseeds yield in the gross was not significant in Ukraine.

As of reporting date, the flaxseeds purchasing prices remain at 21 500 – 22 000 UAH/T, depending on specifications. Rapeseeds purchasing prices vary from 19 000 to 20 000 UAH/T.

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