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The Indian sesame market continued to have a mixed trend at present, White Natural Sesame Seed dipped due to lack of demand, but Black Sesame Seeds increased. Sesame prices are quoted in the International market at $1460 pmt for white natural 99/1/1 variety. Compared to white sesame seeds, the demand for black sesame seeds is good. Korean tender has been given in good quantity to India and has not been covered by traders yet. Therefore it is providing support to prices and not letting them go down. According to the sources, the Sesame seeds market might witness uncertainty in the coming days.

Currently, most markets receive summer crop arrival, and buyers are waiting for new crop arrivals. As per the traders, new crop arrivals with reasonable quantities are expected to start in the middle of this week. At Rajkot market yard, 2500-2500 bags of sesame arrived last week. In Rajasthan market yards, new arrivals started from the previous eight to10 days. In Gujarat, the central hub of sesame seeds, the Unjha market yard, also received new sesame arrivals, but due to lack of good demand yet from domestic and international markets, kept the market steady. MP and UP markets of India have already started having new crop arrivals by 7 to 8000 bags.

New sesame arrivals are likely to rise in the coming weeks, and traders expect more fall in prices in the coming days if the demand does not rise from local and export markets.

However, there is damage to sesame crops, especially in Gujarat, which was sown in the last phase. Around 40% of the new crop arrivals are expected to have good quality, while 60% might have damage.

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