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Traders are reporting difficulties concerning transports from Ukraine. Although the import from Ukraine was always a particular thing, nowadays, maybe due to the political situation in Ukraine, suppliers inform their buyers about possible delays in ETA of the walnut shipments.

In Hungary, the 4th wave of the COVID pandemic does occupy the mind of end-users. Walnut processors are talking about the steady cutting of orders from their buyers (bakeries, stuffing manufacturers, repackers), and the reason is always the same. Everybody is cautious about the looming new lockdown in Hungary, which set back the retail consumption of delicacies in Hungary by 50 per cent in 2020.


Extra Light 80% halves                  6,70 EUR FCA

Light 80% halves                            6,20 EUR FCA

Amber 80% halves                         4,95 EUR FCA

Extra light mix   30%                      6,10 EUR FCA

Light mix           30%                      5.60 EUR FCA

Amber mix        30%                      4.60 EUR FCA

Quarters extra light                       5,50 EUR FCA

Quarters light                                 5,30 EUR FCA

Quarters amber                              4,20 EUR FCA

Broken 2-5mm                                4,10 EUR FCA

Broken 5-8mm                                4,50 EUR FCA


LQP                                                     8,00 EUR FCA

LH30                                                   8,50 EUR FCA

LH80                                                   9,20 EUR FCA


Extra Light 80% halves                  6,40  EUR DAP

Light 80% halves                            5,90   EUR DAP

Amber 80% halves                         4,65   EUR DAP

Extra light mix   30%                      5.80 EUR DAP

Light mix           30%                       5.30 EUR DAP

Amber mix        30%                       4.30 EUR DAP

Quarters extra light                         5,20  EUR DAP

Quarters light                                   5,00 EUR DAP

Quarters amber                              3,90 EUR DAP

Broken 2-5mm                                 3,80 EUR DAP

Broken 5-8mm                                 4,20 EUR DAP

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