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After a difficult situation in the Hungarian walnut inshell due to the Chilean EU import, the Hungarian suppliers complain about low domestic demand for the new crop Hungarian walnut kernel. The Hungarian walnut kernel had a minimum 30-60 EUR cent advantage compared to the Ukrainian seed. Currently, each of the end-users in Hungary – bakeries, repackers, stuffing manufacturers – are waiting for the more significant and steady Ukrainian import.

The Hungarian walnut kernel producers started to reduce their prices to the Ukrainian levels and realising that walnut kernel users would look for the cheapest solution among strong inflation conditions at all costs.

Extra Light 80% halves                                 6,40     EUR DAP EU;

Light 80% halves                                            5,90      EUR DAP EU;

Amber 80% halves                                         4,65    EUR DAP EU;

Extra light mix   30%                                       5.80      EUR DAP EU;

Light mix           30%                                        5.30     EUR DAP EU;

Amber mix        30%                                        4.30     EUR DAP EU;

Quarters extra light                                      5,20      EUR DAP EU;

Quarters light                                                 5,00     EUR DAP EU;

Quarters amber                                            3,90      EUR DAP EU;

Broken 2-5mm                                               3,80      EUR DAP EU;

Broken 5-8mm                                               4,20       EUR DAP EU

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